Wednesday, 10th June

Health Sciences Building, Ground Floor Concourse
Health Science Building, Room C005
Keynote I: Prof. Paolo Bonato
Health Sciences Building, Room C005
Chair: Madeleine Lowery
Health Sciences Building, Ground Floor Concourse
Biomedical Signals and Systems
Health Sciences Building, Room C005
Chair: Madeleine Lowery
An Investigation of the Impact of Artifact Detection on Heart Rate Determination from Unsupervised Electrocardiogram Recordings
» Stephen Redmond, Jim Basilakis, Branko Celler, Nigel Lovell
An Investigation of the Impact of Gait Segmentation on Accelerometry-based Inclined Terrain Classification
» Ning Wang, Eliathamby Ambikairajah, Stephen Redmond, Branko Celler, Nigel Lovell
Optimising Recognition Rates for Subject Independent Gait Pattern Classification
» Liam Kilmartin, Ronny Ibrahim, Eliathamby Ambikairajah, Branko Celler
Can Control Theory Throw Light on Parkinson’s Disease and its Treatment with Deep Brain Stimulation?
» Annraoi De Paor, Madeleine Lowery
Estimation of Tissue Elasticity by Image Processing of Simulated B-mode Ultrasound Images
» William Wright, Aidan Constant
Measurement of phonemic degradation in sensorineural hearing loss using a computational model of the auditory periphery
» Andrew Hines, Naomi Harte
UCD Main Restaurant
Health Sciences Building, Room C005
Chair: Eugene Coyle
Wave Analysis and Control of Complex Flexible Systems
» William O'Connor
Proximal Time-Optimal Control of Flexible Systems made Robust though Feedback
» David McKeown, William O'Connor
An Intelligent Integrated Navigation and Control Solution for an Unmanned Surface Craft
» Wasif Naeem, Tao Xu, Robert Sutton
On a variation of the Gershgorin circle theorem with applications to stability theory
» Paul Curran
Semi-active Frequency Tracking Algorithm for Control of Flapwise Vibrations in Wind Turbine Blades
» John Arrigan, Biswajit Basu, Vikram Pakrashi, Satish Nagarajaiah
Real Time Traffic Flow Forecasting and Predictive Ramp-Metering Control Using Spectral Analysis
» Tigran Tchrakian, Biswajit Basu
Poster Session I
Health Sciences Building, Ground Floor Concourse
Chair: Richard Conway
A Novel Paradigm for Multiple Target Selection Using a Two Class Brain Computer Interface
» Vaibhav Gandhi, Girijesh Prasad, Damien Coyle, Martin McGinnity, Laxmidhar Behera
An Oversampled Rate Converter using Sigma Delta Noise Shaping
» Ivan Ryan, Mahdi Hussain
Conductance-Based Model of the Basal Ganglia in Parkinson’s Disease
» Guiyeom Kang, Madeleine Lowery
Inverse Scattering Solutions for Side-Band Signals
» Jonathan Blackledge
String Stability Analysis of Homogeneous Linear Unidirectionally Connected Systems with nonzero Initial Conditions
» Steffi Klinge, Richard Middleton
Adapting and Parameterising Auditory Icons for use in a Synthetic Musical Instrument
» Cormac Phelan, Chris Bleakley, Fred Cummins
Reversing Deterministic Finite State Machines
» Maziar Goudarzi, Jiaoyan Chen, Dilip Vasudevan, Emanuel Popovici, Michel Schellekens
Particle Swarm Optimization for use with Distributed Model Predictive Control
» Paul McNamara, Gordon Lightbody
Identification of Deterministic Sequential Finite State Machines in Unknown CMOS ICs
» Michael Brutscheck, Benjamin Schmidt, Marco Franke, Andreas Schwarzbacher, Steffen Becker
DSP Optimised Instruction Set Extensions of FPGA based Soft-Core Processors
» Christian Jakob, Andreas Schwarzbacher, David Cuevas, Bernhard Hoppe
Automatic Hexaphonic Guitar Transcription Using Non-Negative Constraints
» Paul O'Grady, Scott Rickard
Validation of Polynomial-based Equidistance Fish-Eye Models
» Ciaran Hughes, Edward Jones, Martin Glavin, Patrick Denny
Environment Modelling in Mobile Robotics through Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Model
» Laxmidhar Behera, Meenakshi Gupta, Venkatesh K. S., Ashish Dutta
Initial Results From Processing Of Acoustic Emission Signals From Small Diameter Drilling
» Donal Lynch, Garret O'Donnell
Compensation Network Design for Capacitive Ultrasonic Transducers
» Sean McSweeney, William Wright
Automatic Breath Sound Detection and Removal for Cognitive Studies of Speech and Language
» Viliam Rapcan, Shona D'arcy, Richard Reilly
An Exploration of Genetic Algorithms for Efficient Musical Instrument Identification
» Roisin Loughran, Jacqueline Walker, Michael O'Neill
Health Sciences Building, Ground Floor Concourse
Communications and Networks
Health Sciences Building, Room C005
Chair: Tony Fagan
Complexity Reduction of Decision Feedback Equalizers for SC-OFDM Systems
» Barry Cardiff, Tony Fagan
Computationally Tractable Location Estimation on WiFi Enabled Mobile Phones
» Damian Kelly, Ross Behan, Rudi Villing, Sean McLoone
Experimental validation of a true random binary digit generator fusion with a pseudo random number generator for cryptographic module application.
» Marta Blaszczyk, Richard Guinee
On The Applicability of Model Predictive Power Control to an IEEE 802.15.4 Wireless Sensor Network
» Kritchai Witheephanich, Martin Hayes
Keynote II: Simon Singh
Health Sciences Building, Room C005
Chair: Scott Rickard
Bus Transfer
O'Reilly Hall Car Park
Beaufield Mews
Bus Tranfer
Beaufield Mews

Thursday, 11th June

Health Sciences Building, Ground Floor Concourse
Speech, Audio and Image Processing
Health Sciences Building, Room C005
Chair: Edward Jones
Singing Voice Synthesis For Indian Classical Raga System
» Laxmidhar Behera, Vipul Arora, Pradip Sircar
On the use of the Beta Divergence for Musical Source Separation
» Derry Fitzgerald, Matt Cranitch, Eugene Coyle
Distributed Speech Recognition in the Presence of Noise and Packet Loss
» Ronan Flynn, Edward Jones
Approximation of Binaural Room Impulse Responses
» Gavin Kearney, Claire Masterson, Stephen Adams, Frank Boland
Imaging Reconstruction for Light Scattering from a Tenuous Random Medium
» Jonathan Blackledge
Region of Interest Extraction using Colour Based Methods on the CUAVE Database
» Craig Berry, Naomi Harte
Poster Session II
Health Sciences Building, Ground Floor Concourse
Chair: Liam Marnane
An Embedded Real-Time Pedestrian Detection System Using an Infrared Camera
» Robert Walczyk, Alistair Armitage, T. David Binnie
Quantifying the effects of material property frequency dispersion in volume conductor models of deep brain stimulation
» Peadar Grant, Madeleine Lowery
Comparative Investigation of Zero-Broadening Methods in Brillouin Based Slow-Light Systems
» Andrzej Wiatrek, Ronny Henker, Stefan Preussler, Thomas Schneider
Second and Third Order Analogue High-Pass Filters for Diagnostic Quality ECG
» Roberta Dozio, Martin J. Burke
Optimal Harvesting Patterns for a Seaweed Harvester
» Marco Gallieri, John Ringwood
Information Hiding by Stochastic Di usion and its Application to Printed Document Authentication
» Jonathan Blackledge, Eugene Coyle
ASIC Implementation of a Finite Field Arithmetic Processor Core
» Weibo Pan, Emanuel Popovici, Sverre Lidholm, Liam Marnane
Data Wordlength Reduction in 90nm Multipliers
» Manuel De La Guia, Richard Conway
Efficient Concurrent Error Detection and Correction of Soft Errors in NTT-based Convolutions
» Anne O'Donnell, Chris Bleakley, Reviriego Pedro, Maestro Juan Antonio
Visual Servoing of a Redundant Manipulator Using Shape Moments
» Laxmidhar Behera, Indrazno Siradjuddin, Martin McGinnity, Sonya Coleman
Some remarks on the well-posedness of the EMD algorithm
» Konstantinos Drakakis, Nikolaos Tsakalozos, Scott Rickard
Kinematic control of a redundant manipulator using inverse-forward adaptive scheme
» Laxmidhar Behera, Swagat Kumar, Martin McGinnity
Utilising Mobile Phone RSSI Metric for Human Activity Detection
» John Doyle, Ronan Farrell, Seán McLoone, Tim McCarthy, Peter Hung, Muhammad Tahir
Performance Evaluation of Antennas for UWB Radar and Positioning Systems
» Antoine Dumoulin, Matthias John, Max Ammann, Patrick McEvoy
Uniform sampling for signals with finite instantaneous bandwidth
» John Healy, John Sheridan
Wireless Sensor Networks for Activity Monitoring using Multi-sensor Multi-modal Node Architecture
» Peter Hung, Muhammad Tahir, Ronan Farrell, Sean McLoone, Tim McCarthy
Health Sciences Building, Ground Floor Concourse
Health Sciences Building, Room C005
Chair: John McAllister
An Evolvable NoC-Based Spiking Neural Network Architecture
» Fearghal Morgan, Seamus Cawley, Jim Harkin, Brian McGinley, Liam McDaid, Sandeep Pande
FPGA implementation of new Real-time Image Encryption based switching chaotic systems
» Mohamed Azzaz, Camel Tanougast, Said Sadoudi, Ahmed Bouridane, Abbas Dandache
Practical Comparison of Differential Power Analysis Techniques on an ASIC Implementation of the AES Algorithm
» Yingxi Lu, Kean Hong Boey, Maire O'Neill, John V. McCanny
Engine fault detection using a nonlinear FIR model and a locally regularised recursive algorithm
» Jing Deng, George Irwin, Kang Li
Industry Session - Invited Speakers
Health Sciences Building, Room C005
Chair: Noel Murphy
Active HDMI Cables
» John Horan, Gerald Murphy
Radio Frequency Fingerprinting using combined Spectral Averaging and Information Theoretic based Feature Extraction
» Patricia Scanlon, Irwin Kennedy, Yongheng Liu
Integrated CMOS/MEMS Pixel Driver Circuit for Ultra Violet Direct Imaging (UVDI)
» Kevin Gallagher, Daniel O’keeffe, Zheyao Zhang, John Doyle
UCD Main Restaurant
Innovation Session - Invited Speakers
Health Sciences Building, Room C005
Chair: Barry Hogan
From Research to Commercialization
» Dennis Jennings
The Entrepreneur's Story
» Joe Moore
Panel Discussion
» Peter Conlon, Dennis Jennings, Joe Moore, Ruth Freeman
MIDAS Meeting (for members)
Health Sciences Building, Room B333
Keynote III: Blaise Aguera y Arcas
Health Sciences Building, Room C005
Chair: Scott Rickard
Closing Remarks
Health Sciences Building, Room C005
Steering Committee Meeting (for members)
Health Sciences Building, Room B333