Guidelines for Presenters

Oral Presentations

Duration of formal oral presentations is 12 minutes, followed by 3 minutes for questions. The presentation schedule will be strictly enforced by each Session Chair. Session Chairs will be available in the presentation venue in the interval before their session. Presenters should introduce themselves to the Session Chair in the interval before their session and ensure that all necessary presentation materials are in place well before the session starts.

Speaker Biography

To aid speaker introduction by the session chair, please complete the speaker biography form during the submission of camera ready papers.

Available Presentation Equipment

The following equipment will be provided in each venue:

  • PC with Microsoft Powerpoint, linked to a data projector. If you wish to use Powerpoint, please bring your presentation either on disk or pen drive.
  • Logitech Cordless 2.4 GHz presentation control / lasar pen for remote control of presentation
  • Overhead projector
  • Voice projection equipment

Suggestions for Presenters

  • Please ensure that presentation duration has been carefully checked.
  • Find an opportunity in advance of your presentation to familiarise yourself with the venue and podium environment.
  • Provide your presentation, at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the session, though preferably well in advance.
  • A member of the conference committee will be available to help, in each presentation venue throughout the conference.
  • Consider including slide page numbering and/or a presentation thermometer to indicate the progress of the presentation.

Poster Presentations

A poster stand of approximate size A0 (3ft wide by 4ft high) will be provided for displaying posters. Presenters are asked to provide their poster to a member of the organising committee on arrival, at registration. Posters will be mounted by the organising committee. Authors are requested to be available at their poster stand throughout their poster session.