Welcome to ISSC 2009

On behalf of the ISSC 2009 Organising Committee, we would like to extend a warm welcome to all participants to the IET Irish Signals and Systems Conference 2009. This year's conference is organised by the Complex and Adaptive Systems Laboratory (CASL), School of Electronic, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (EEME) and School of Computer Science and Informatics (CSI), University College Dublin (UCD).

Over the past 20 years, ISSC has become established as a premier conference in Ireland for the presentation of original research, both basic and applied, and for the exchange of ideas in the areas of Signal Processing, Control and Communications. ISSC encompasses algorithm development, system modelling, design and implementation for a broad range of applications. ISSC has contributed to the development of the careers of many Irish researchers during a period of significant growth in related research activity. ISSC continues to support this expanding research effort and offers a forum where postgraduate students can find a supportive and interested audience for what may be their first serious technical presentation.

The conference this year has a strong technical programme. In total, 80 papers were received. Papers were received from almost all third level institutions in Ireland with an Electronic Engineering degree programme, as well as a significant number from researchers working outside of Ireland (many in collaboration with Irish institutions). After peer review, 59 papers were selected for publication. The conference programme includes 26 oral presentations and 33 poster presentations.

This year, we repeated the Invited Industry Papers Session and the co-located MIDAS meeting successfully initiated at last year's conference. In addition, we have added a new Innovation Session as a forum for decision on what is emerging as the third pillar of university activities.

One of the highlights of the conference will be the presentations by Prof Paolo Bonato (Harvard Medical School, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and, The Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences & Technology), Simon Singh (author) and Blaise Aguera y Arcas (Microsoft). All are leaders in their field and are superb presenters.

We made a couple of changes to the format of the conference this year. Firstly, we went single-track. As a result, there are less oral presentations and they are shorter. We hope that this format will be more fitting for a general audience and that the size of the conference will enable fruitful follow on discussions in the coffee breaks and poster sessions. Secondly, we are only issuing the proceedings electronically this year. We did this to cut costs, be greener and reduce turn-around time. Hopefully, participants like the idea. If necessary, participants can request individual papers to be printed at the registration desk.

Special thanks to our financial sponsors: University College Dublin, MIDAS Ireland, Intel, Cypress Semiconductor, Movidia and Xilinx; our advertizing sponsors: IMEX, Tyndall National Institute and Starlight; and our technical sponsors: IET, IEEE Computational Intelligence Society and IEEE C&C Ireland Chapter. The continuing commitment of these organizations to the conference in these uncertain financial times is much appreciated.

Our gratitude to the members of the Programme Committee for returning thorough reviews of the submitted papers, and for providing valuable and much appreciated feedback to the researchers who submitted papers. Our special thanks go to all of the members of the Organising Committee, who worked hard over many months to make this event happen. Thanks also are due to our Event Team who are here to help ‘on the day'. A big "thank you" to Paul and his team at Starlight for managing the conference web system.

We hope that you enjoy the conference, find the sessions stimulating and the conversation engaging. Enjoy...

Chris Bleakley & Scott Rickard,
General Co-Chairs